As per the present condition we are looking forward a project of giving shelter atleast three hundred and fifty inmates by us, by end of the year 2015 being a NGO trust we are already providing shelter, food and medical support for eighty five inmates by our old age home (successfully running in sukadakatte as wel as chennahalli). We are also looking forward guidelines for this particular project which can be upgraded in our old age home, we always looking forward for the volunteer supporters who can make a presence any day according to there knowledge at our old age home door steps will be appreciated.

Right now we are having eight trustees along with volunteers supporters who were spending there valuable time and knowledge to promote these human consideration good cause with good understanding between themselves.

Definitely we believe this will be continue even trustees may change, Because we are giving a service for the human who were in need and also we believe Being a human being it is our responsibility to help a society. Then only we can built a good society.

Required support for Old age and Orphanage

We request all NEWS (North, East, West and South) human beings who are living in this established world according to their strength and capability. More often we have seen many more poor people like our old age home inmates suffering from their basic needs like shelter, food and hospitality.

We are believing in all our donors who were sponsoring regularly and giving us MORAL STRENGHT for this good cause.


We are also looking for a land donors who wish to come forward and give us a land to Construct a old age home and orphanage according to there strenght.

We are accepting donations like kinds, cash and cheques. We are having a bank account in Karnataka Bank(Herohalli Branch Vishwaneedam Post Bangalore – 560 091).

We hope we get all the support by our supporters definitely come forward to make success of this humanity consideration project until we reached the destination. This is a request once again for all.

Getting inmates for our old age home.

Basically we are getting inmates from POLICE COMMSINEAR'S HELP LINE division and fosa huainatry hospital bannergatta and abalaashrama. willsongardan Bangalore.

In these inmates we are having BLIND, MENTALLY IMBALANCE, HANDICAP'S also.

Basically we are providing all these inmates required treatment along with hospitality.

Right now we are running two old age homes ( Sunkadakatte and Cheannahalli) we are having strength of eighty four inmates including ( eight male kids) who were getting education from our old age and orphan age.

These kids were came from several parts of Bangalore, we are also looking forward to get three hundred and fifty kids get educated under our orphan age, we require generous support from all human kinds for this gracious good cause.